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Well, I have great news to you guys who have been waiting for Counter-Strike Global Offensive Crack to come out in a long time, finally it's here, and it's amazing, why, you ask, simply because of that it is simple little program that will crack your legit copy of global offensive or if you don't have one then this program will additionally download one from you if you want, and the best part is, that it is always up to date, it does basically everything by itself, it detects game path and then installs crack automatically, it's a simple fun and not to mention great tool, just take a look at this picture or the video below and decide yourself!

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How it works? This wasn't something really hard to do if you know basic programming, but still it wasn't a peace of cake, but basically for you to understand is that when Steam launched Global Offensives first beta, we got hold of it and in its source code there was major loophole, so we interacted it with the final Global Offensive release and simply made a cracker tool out of it.

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Think it's a virus? No, it absolutely isn't, you can  scan that file yourself on or any other website.
See the scan here:
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